Created a warm environment with wood and stones at Zinos ... 

 A quiet morning you'll wake up with the smell of the sea, dolphins and seagulls, hello ...

 Start your day the right way with the tasty breakfast. … warm friendships with distinguished guests…. a sunset drink at the turn of green nature or swimming… then a delicious dinner that there you can meet different flavor ...

 True beauty lies within.  a comfy home in sinop. zinos extends a warm welcome to all guests.  an exclusive hotel with a unique personality.  the quiet location along with its colourful and private style decor give the hotel an attractive and very personal touch.

 Zinos welcomes business people, families and couples, and the greeting is warm, open and generous. 

stylish, contemporary architecture complements the organic personality of the hotel, which has been shaped to blend effortlessly into the indigenous landscape. This is function and form at its best. This is sustainability.  And is more. for conferences, weddings and celebrations, Sinop's finest luxury home sets the scene.


Wellcome to Zinos Hotel..

 Where we are writing a new chapter in the story of hospitality design now meets traditional values of comfort and unobtrusive service for an elegant hotel with 35 rooms, landscaped gardens, swimming pool, portable children pool, platform beach, roof, lobby bar, auditorium and a great restaurant.

intimate, luxurious experience.

 Located just a ten minutes drive away from the city centre of sinop.

recently remodelled, Hotel Zinos is nice place in Sinop where you can expect a modern and welcoming environment.

is situated in a quiet area, ideal to rest and visit beautiful sinop.

This is also our motto!

We wish our guests to feel comfortable, to enjoy and repeat their experience with us.

Where simplicity meets excellence.

Uninterrupted bliss

When it come to luxury hotels in sinop, zinos hotel is incomparable.

zinos is your sultry escape, all yours, and we wouldn't think of spoiling it with anything boring or expected. which is why 35 zinos hotel guestrooms and suites are designed to both relax and inspire. The ultimate zinos experience, unique and generous making it one of the highest rated luxury hotels in sinop.

 As for private balconies country deluxe guestroom has one. also business deluxe rooms has french balcony. a nice touch since you'll be 1 to 3 floors into the sinop skylines.

We do everything we can to make your stay more relaxing and carefree, consult to us for everything. we create unique, memorable stays for every guest of our zinos hotel. our guests consider our hotel to be one of the best kept secrets in sinop.

Personal, approachable service. the personality of our luxury zinos hotel is matched by warm, personal service and our attention to detail.

our hotel offers spectacular views of the bay sinop, a traditional turkish hospitality which offers an authentic and modern turkish experience. zinos hotel is a calm and relaxing holiday destination ideal for business world, families and couples looking to relax and get away from the stress of everyday life back home.

Offering luxurious accommodation, and artistic cuisine for Zinos vacations, romantic getaways, honeymoons, wedding and special events.